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Thursday, December 1, 2011

♦Happy crying

Heeeeeeeeello dear viewers !
what ? oh oke I miss you too :p
today I would love to talk about my 11 monthsary for being a serious girlfriend for Muhammad Safiq ♥

Semalam tgh ckp² dlm phone tetibe aku sebak and mleleh ayer mate :'(
slalu aku sebak sbb sedih and smalam terasa happy sgt² !!
even kite takde pon ckp pasal perasaan
tapi aku rasa sayaaaaaaang sgt kat kau :')
dan tu 1st time aku mengalerkan ayer mate sbb happy 
and no one can make me feel that moment except you :')
I feel like the world is mine and you're the only one who can understand me 

aku sensitive bie .. so tolong phm aku 

p/s : always love you !! now and forever

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