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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sampainye hati ...

Hurmm .. 

ape perasaan korang bile korang tggu seseorang dgn penuh kesabaran 
and kasih sayang tetibe .. 
die wat taktau jee even kite dah send msg kat die ..

I know anything happen for a reason ..
yet so many reason that you gave me before 
so ? what did you expect from me ? haa ? tell me sayang ..
did you remember your promise to me yesterday ? I think not yesterday ..
last week ! and yesterday you remind me about "That" promise 
and I dont want to mention it ..

how care you about my heart ?
tell me sayang ..
my love for you even more bigger over and over again since Im falling in love with you !
did you know that ? 

seriously , Iloveyousomuch <3

aku tak marah pon ..
cume kesal , sgt sgt kesal ..
aku cuba untuk tak "merajok"
yes, mmg aku dah kurang merajok but inside Im crying bie !  Im crying !

Okelah .. saje nk luahkan perasaan y tak sudah ni .

p/s : always love you !! now and forever

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