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Friday, October 21, 2011

♦Forever will be

1st January 2011 was the day
promise you babyboy my feelings staying this way
never want to hurt you
dont wanna leave you alone 
everytime I'm by yourside :')
Always & forever! Thats the pinky promise we made

You're the reason why I'm smiling every start of the day 
and I hope you know I mean it every time that I say
I'll love you always & forever it'll always be the same ♥
The water, joy & pain I wanna be there for you
crying everytime you're crying
Sharing laughter with you ..
When I look into your eyes, I know our love is really true!

I want you this much sayang ♥

No boy could take your place or love me like the way you do
So sayang hold on tight, because I need you by myside :')
It's me and you forever babe!
I need you in mylife
We were created to find each other
our fate written down for us to love forever :')
You were the one I chose out of all the rest
the one I would cherish and I'll put in all my best !

How we met was destiny
our love is honest and true :')
Iloveyou with all my heart and soul till I die
I truly need you!
Baby... you're the light in my life ☺
And I know it one day for sure you gonna be my hubby

The day we met I can't explain the way that I felt
feeling all of these emotions that I can't even help
Every lil thing we do is just so special to me

Just promise to me babyboy that you'll never go away !

p/s : always love you !! now and forever

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